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Best Sushi Kit Every Sushi Maker Must Have

On the market, you will find a large number of ice games to choose from. To narrow down the alternatives and help you choose the best maker sushi kits, we need to know what you are looking for. Most of them contain all the ingredients you don’t have to search and find in an oriental supermarket.

Kit for Traditional Sushi

sashimiHere are some things to look for and pay attention to when considering one of these kits. I prefer the variant with wide and flat slats. It is more rigid, and I think it is because I have more hands to do it when I roll. It says that the mat and the tiny slats are ideal for making rolls with the diameter – like the one-piece Hosomaki roll. Whatever you can do, take a set that is both, and see what you like. These rugs are incredibly cheap, and you can easily find them for less than $10. Sometimes they include a rice spatula.


The rice spatula (or maybe “shimoji”) usually for wood, bamboo, and plastic. The fact that you offer a wide range of events is due to the private alternative. But do not buy a wooden paddle yet. Wood usually consumes items in which a bamboo pallet is not consumed. Choose bamboo pallet if you prefer a wooden pallet. Some plastic rice pallets have small “dents” on the surface, making it more challenging to make the rice stick to a pallet like this than a regular bamboo pallet. This is an advantage that a plastic paddle with dents has over a standard bamboo paddle.

Kit With Excellent Components

sushi roll If you are new in the sushi industry, you may not be familiar with the components needed to make sushi, so you will choose a kit that now contains all these components. Or maybe you are an old pro who is just trying to make it easier to find the individual items without having to take them one by one. Both are great reasons to discover such a kit. Choose an excellent branded kit. Sushi Chef is the hottest brand of sushi kits based on fixation today and is known for their excellent quality items (note that I said right, not exceptional).

Other types of “assembled” kit (does not contain manufacturer-specific components with the same title) these kits can have different combinations of different brands’ elements. Nishiki and Kokuho-Rose are among the most common types of rice included in such kits. Both are very good and powerful rice brands for the preparation of sushi, and together they will achieve perfect results. Both are not included in both kits. I mention them to pick them up yourself if you want to make the best sushi rice. With the routine brands Marukan or maybe Mitsukan, you can’t go wrong. Start looking for a kit containing these marks, and you will be fine.…