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How To Create A Healthy Bedroom

comfortable bed room

Some people tend to feel exhaustion when they wake up in the morning than when they go to bed. Others may be having headaches, nasal problems or sore throats each morning. Even sound sleep can be a problem. If you have such experiences, then it could be your bedroom making you sick. There are some reasons your bedroom may be making you sick.

Areas to check to keep your bedroom healthy

Pillows and cushionscolorful bed sheet

After a busy day, everyone just wants to head straight home, and at least lieĀ on the bed o rest their heads on the pillow or cushion. These cushions and pillows with time, however, develop unhealthy things like dust mites, bacteria, and molds that result in hypersensitivity. Other illness like migraines, congestion, and sore throats as well as various forms of allergy may also come up. For this reason, you need to replace your cushions and pillows at least once a year if you cannot wash them. Ensure you wash the covers once a week and if possible go for anti-allergy covers.

Cleaning products

Everybody wants their bedrooms to be shimmering and clean but without having to deal with eye irritation, headaches, and skin irritation. Surprisingly, most skin and eye irritation problems may be due to chemicals in the cleaning products. This is common to those who are sensitive to various irritating ingredients. Be careful when choosing your cleaning products as you may end up causing more harm than good to yourself.


On average a person spends thirty-three percent of their lives sleeping which implies a third of their life on the mattress. Mattresses, when used for long, gets full of sweat, bacteria, grime, dust mites and skin flakes. They, therefore, require regular cleaning just like the other areas of your bedroom. You can hire a mattress cleaning agency to help you with cleaning them effectively.


Carpets incredibly can make you feel like you are walking on clouds. However, they may be an excellent home for most bacteria, allergens, dust grimes and many other things that are detrimental to your health. You should ensure proper cleaning of the carpets and if possible hire a cleaning firm that will deliver outstanding results.


If your bedroom windows arwhite themed bedroome always closed, then you are stocking extensive pollutants like fumes from cleaning products, chemicals from deodorants and hair sprays, off-gassing from carpets, paints and furniture, dust, pollen, and dander. It is vital therefore to open your bedroom windows regularly and also hire cleaning firms to clean your windows to ensure they are cleaned effectively.

Perhaps you have been harboring various allergens and bacteria in your bedroom without knowing. Practicing these cleaning practices can help you maintain a healthy bedroom and keep your healthy as well.…